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Moving to the Gold Coast

Information Hub & Relocation Specialist

Gold Coast Relocation Hub

Everything you need to know & all the help you need to make the move to the Gold Coast.

Are you thinking of moving to the Gold Coast in Queensland? Then you've come to the right place! This website is designed for those looking to make the move to the sunny Gold Coast.

It's your one stop shop for everything you need to know about moving to the Gold Coast. Find information, case studies, tips and a range of services to help with your relocation.  

About Moving to the Gold Coast

About Us

In the middle of 2017, sparked by the outrageous real-estate prices in Sydney and the desire to lead a more balanced lifestyle, my husband and I, and our two kids, started contemplating a move to the Gold Coast. 


I didn’t know anything about the Gold Coast, I had only been a few times in my early twenties. So my perception of the Gold Coast was built on old stereotypes of a glitzy Gold Coast defined by the skyscrapers of Surfers Paradise, of superficial humans, busty meter maids and rowdy schoolies. A rather ignorant point of view I know.  So I went in search of the real Gold Coast.


Like most searches, this one started on Google, trawling the World Wide Web, only to find that there were no helpful websites or services available to help us investigate and navigate a relocation to the Gold Coast. So, we had to figure it all out by ourselves. 


Now having made the move, I thought I’d share my experiences, and hopefully provide you with the information I was desperately looking for and needed when we first embarked on this adventure.  I created this website to be an insightful resource covering all questions and stages of relocation, and offer our services to assist you with making the move.

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