10 Reasons to make a post-COVID move to the GC

The coronavirus has spurred on many city slickers' move to regional areas. Here are 10 reasons to make a post-COVID move to the Gold Coast.
Moving to the Gold Coast in COVID

1. Space for days

With a population density of 465 persons per square kilometer, compared to greater Sydney with an urban population density of 1,900 / km2 and Melbourne 1,500 / km2, there's no need to be in each others face.

2. Zero covid deaths and no lock-downs

Life on the Gold Coast has by large been unaffected by the pandemic with only a very minimal amount of restrictions in place for a short time early in 2020. The GC has recorded no COVID-related deaths and only 230 confirmed cases in total.

3. Close to nature

With 52km of beaches, six stunning National Parks and 2,314 parks, nature is on your doorstep everywhere you turn.

4. Housing affordability

As house and unit prices are going through the roof in the major capital cities, house prices on the Gold Coast are still affordable at a median house price of $669,000 and unit price of $435,000.

5. Great for families

The Gold Coast is an awesome place to raise your family. Its safe, clean and green and has an abundance of activities and entertainment on offer to satisfy the whole family.

6. Laidback lifestyle

The Gold Coast offers a more relaxed lifestyle, away from the hustle and bustle and stresses of life of the big smoke.

7. Excellent accessibility

With its close proximity to Brisbane and easy interstate access to all Australian capital cities by air, 25+ flights per day to Sydney as an example, the city is well connected.

8. Affordable private schools

There are some outstanding schools up and down the coast, and compared to many of Sydney and Melbourne's elite private schools, the fees are a lot more affordable. Case in point, Somerset College (one of the top schools in the area) annual tuition fees is $17,634 at most.

9. World-class universities

The GC is home to some of the best universities offering a variety of high-quality courses including Griffith University (ranked 303 in the QS World University Rankings 2021), Bond University and Southern Cross University.

10. Job opportunities

As the second largest city in Queensland, and the 6th largest city in Australia, the Gold Coast economy is strong and offers plenty job opportunities.