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2024 School & Public Holidays on the Gold Coast, QLD

A comprehensive list of the school term dates and school holidays for Queensland, as well as the Gold Coast public holidays. With variations across states, it's a clever idea to note these in your calendar now.
2024 Gold Coast & QLD school term dates & public holidays

Gold Coast & QLD Public Holidays 2024

New Year's Day

Mon, 1 Jan 2024

Australia Day

Fri, 26 Jan 2024

Good Friday

Fri, 29 Mar 2024

Easter Sunday

Sun, 31 Mar 2024

Easter Monday

Mon, 1 Apr 2024

Anzac Day

Thu, 25 Apr 2024

Labour Day

Mon, 6 May 2024

Gold Coast Show Day^


King's Birthday (formerly Queen's Birthday)

Mon, 7 Oct 2024

Christmas Eve (6pm-midnight)

Tue, 24 Dec 2024

Christmas Day & Boxing Day

Wed, 25 Dec 2024 & Thu, 26 Dec 2024

^The date for the Gold Coast Show Day 2024 will be announced early in the year. Show Holidays are public holidays appointed in specific districts throughout Queensland and are in relation to annual agricultural, horticultural or industrial shows.

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