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The Williams family moved from England to the Gold Coast, here's their story...

Moving from one country to another can be a daunting experience, especially if you're relocating with your family. For the Williams family, leaving their home in Farnham, England, and moving to the Gold Coast in Australia was a big decision, but it was also an exciting one.

Family move from England to the Gold Coast in Australia

Colin and Angela and their two sons aged 4 & 6, made their life-changing move from Farnham in England to the Gold Coast in November 2022. They weren't planning a move of any sort, but when a job opportunity in Australia presented itself to Colin, who was looking to shake-up his career, they decided to take the plunge and embrace the adventure.

It offered them an opportunity for a different lifestyle. It would allow Angela, who was a forensic scientist with the metropolitan police in London, a demanding job and a daily 3-hour commute, to take a step back and for both of them to enjoy more time with their children.

The decision to move across the world wasn't an easy one

The decision to move across the world wasn't an easy one, especially as Angela's father had just had a health scare. So, they kept their plans a secret until Colin's job was signed up and their visas came through. After receiving their visas in August, they had to move quickly, Angela had to give three months' notice for her job and Colin's new employer was eager for him to start as soon as possible.

Although during Colin's interview process with National Media they really sold the Gold Coast lifestyle to them, they didn't know anything about the Gold Coast. Colin used his connections within the business and he did extensive research online, which is how they came across the 'Moving to the Gold Coast' website. The family used the services of Moving to the Gold Coast to help narrow down the suburbs, and schools for their kids, and find the perfect rental for their family in Robina. Knowing that there was a house waiting for them, with hire furniture to carry them through the first few months (as it would take over five months for their furniture and personal things to arrive from England), was a huge relief and helped with the settling-in process.

Colin and Angela love the convenience and location of Robina

Colin and Angela love the convenience and location of Robina, a 15-minute commute to work for Colin, walking-distance to Robina State School for the boys and near shops and facilities and only a short drive to the beach.

Arriving at the end of November meant that the school year in Australia was about to end so they decided to keep the boys at home and spend the time exploring, going to the theme parks, the beach, playgrounds etc. Once the school year started their children adjusted to their new school quickly and made friends.

For Angela it has taken a while longer to adjust to her new life, she's found it challenging not having her family or a support network around her, and her career to keep her busy. Finding work has so far been impossible, she finds there aren't any jobs available in her field. Through the kids' sports and activities, and school they're now starting to meet more people and make friends, which is helping with feeling more settled, but it's a slow process.

One of the things that the Williams family loves about the Gold Coast is the outdoor lifestyle. They enjoy spending time at the beach and embracing the laid-back lifestyle that comes with it. They're delighted that they now have the time and space to engage in activities and sports before and after school, and they relish the simpler things like being there for the boys at school pick-up, for the easter hat parade and afternoon playdates. They also love that everyone they've encountered is so friendly, helpful and always up for a chat.

Coming from England, the Gold Coast heat and humidity are something they weren't prepared for, the air conditioning in the house is getting a good work-out. In hindsight they'd wished they had given a pool more thought, despite the advice from 'Moving to the Gold Coast' they thought it would mean a lot of maintenance work and that the novelty would wear off soon. They have come to realize that it's practically a necessity for a family living on the Gold Coast.

Embrace the adventure and stay open-minded

Their advice for anyone thinking of making a similar move to the Gold Coast is to embrace the adventure and stay open-minded. They recommend doing plenty of research and reaching out to people who can help. The Williams family believes that moving to the Gold Coast has so far been the right decision for them, and they are excited about what the future holds.

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