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Kristy's story; moving from Western Suburbs of Sydney to the Gold Coast

Kristy and her family took what felt like a massive risk at the time and moved from Sydney to the Gold Coast ten years ago. Here's her story.
Kristy and her family moved from Sydney to the Gold Coast

Why did you decide to move to the Gold Coast?

We were living in Western Sydney at the time and were starting a family. We didn't want to bring up our kids here so had to make a decision to move back to the Sutherland Shire, where I grew up, or make a sea change.

Initially the main reasons we focused on the Gold Coast was real estate prices. Compared to the cost of owning a home in the Shire, the Gold Coast was much more affordable. We knew we were able start our family in a less stressful financial situation and once we commenced looking into it further, we realised the overall lifestyle of the GC was better for us.

Where do you live?

We're in Elanora in the Southern end of the Gold Coast, just behind Palm Beach. We chose this area because we were already familiar with it because my in-laws had lived here.

We rented for the 1st few years to ensure we were happy with the move prior to committing to buying. It was the right decision for us, however I wish we had purchased earlier as I feel rent money is dead money.

We love the fact we are close to the beach and the mountains. The people are so friendly and such great opportunities for our children with schooling and sport.

What school do your kids attend?

My youngest is at Elanora State School and my eldest just started at Elanora State High School. I could not be happier with the schools. Both my boys have done well and achieved high goals due to the support and opportunities they received.

How about employment? What do you do?

I work in the dental industry and my husband is a service technician. I found work before moving up here, but it took my husband a few months to find his feet and settle into a job he was happy with.

There was always a concern that we would not earn as much money as we did in Sydney. But I honestly feel that it all evens out as rents and cost of living in general are lower too, so it was not a big change for us.

What do you like about living on the Gold Coast?


Close to the beaches, and everyone is so friendly! We made some great friends and couldn’t imagine them not being in our lives. Great opportunities for the children growing up too. We're surrounded by parks so perfect for the family including our fury baby.

Also, the weather is awesome pretty much all year round.

What did you find challenging about moving here?

Leaving our family and friends behind in Sydney. However, over the years most of them have also moved up. 😊 And we have made so many new fantastic friends, I couldn't imagine going back.

Any advice for anyone contemplating a move to the Gold Coast right now?

Follow your gut feeling and take the risk. I was never one for taking risks, but I'm glad we did. I have never looked back. Loving life!!!!

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